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I've recently started to get a bit more invested in politics in this country. There's been a few things lately that I've been feeling strongly enough about to get involved: libel reform and Simon Singh's high court battle and most importantly the Digital Economy Bill and the 'wash-up'.

The Digital Economy Bill is a huge massive piece of legislation full of controversial clauses. And many of those clauses have the potential for major unintended consequences, especially for places like libraries, universities and cafes. (Thankfully one of the clauses I was worried about has been removed relating to free use of images found online).

Frustratingly since the General Election has been called we've entered the so called 'wash-up' period where any bills not yet passed through parliament get rushed through - without the necessary debate. And last night that's exactly what happened to a number of Bills. A couple of hours discussion then voted through due to deals being done in back rooms by the party Whips. Bloody frustrating.

And to add insult to injury hardly any MPs bothered to even show up. There are over 600 MPs in the UK. At times there were only 12(!) in the House while bills were getting their tiny amount of discussion. And then less then half of them voted.

And that's what really posses me off. What's the point of having that many MPs if so few bother to turn up and do what they were elected to do? And it should piss more people off. What were ~400 MPs doing that is more important than voting on legislation that affects all their constituents?

If like me you're interested, there's a great page here showing who bothered to vote for the DEBill. even if they voted for the Bill, at least it shows they cared enough to bother voting.
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